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Selected projects using port anchors:

Grace Episcopal Church, New Bedford, MA

Summit Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA

Hancock Church, Lexington, MA

Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA

Bristol Armory, Bristol, RI

South Main Street Bridge, Millbury, MA

Selected projects using Pozzolan Lime products:

Grace Episcopal Church, New Bedford, MA

Concord Town House, Concord, MA

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

Alexander Hamilton’s Tomb, New York, NY

National Arboretum, Washington, DC

Paul Revere House Annex, Boston, MA

Conte Middle School, North Adams, MA

Saint Mary’s Rectory, Lawrence, MA

367 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

CSX Monocacy Trestle, Dickerson, MD

Shirley Eustis House, Boston, MA

Stonington Commons, Stonington, CT

Washington Square Arch, New York, NY

Saint Josephs’ Church, New London, CT

United Nations, New York, NY

Borreo Building, Napa, CA

Millville Bank, Millville, NJ

Saint Matthews Church, Central Falls, RI

383 Lafayette Street (NYU), New York, NY

Harvard Medical School Gordon Hall, Boston, MA

Vintners Collective, Napa, CA

Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA

Fort Morgan, Fort Morgan, AB

Chai Adam Synagogue, Burlington, VT

Saint Mary’s Church, Quincy, MA

Bennington Street Burying Ground, Boston, MA

Grace Episcopal Church

New Bedford, MA

Grace Episcopal Church had a buckling structural pier in the southeast corner of their tower that had split vertically down the middle creating a “collar joint” separation of up to 4 inches.
VoidSpan provided a collar joint stabilization system that included pinning a separated layer of brick and stone masonry to a random stone rubble core under while fully loaded with VoidSpan Port Anchors, and then grouting the void between them with VoidSpan PHLc Grout to restore composite action and knit the pier back together.

Summit Presbyterian Church

Philadelphia, PA

Summit Presbyterian Church had an overloaded, friable stone masonry pier that supported the corner of their tower and sanctuary and had been crushed downard by up to 2″.
VoidSpan provided a consolidation grouting and confinement system that used VoidSpan Port Anchors to inject a high strength non-shrink grout into the partially mortared pier to retroactively “Chink” it while providing periferal confinement under a constant load of more than 300,000 pounds.