Grout Injecting Port Anchors

Port Anchors are part of a composite masonry stabilization system that does not just tie, but also bonds damaged masonry back together.John Wathne, founder of Voidspan Technologies

The grout-injecting VoidSpan Port Anchor is a stainless steel tie that can span internal voids to tie masonry together while providing an integral port through which voids can be inspected, cleaned, pre-dampened and grouted. Our anchors come in a wide variety of types and configurations and are custom fabricated to meet the specific needs of your installation.

VoidSpan Port Anchor

Our anchors have Cintec socks at each and, along with threaded inserts for the installation of temporary dunnage to restrain against fluid pressure forces during grouting, as well as the ability to permanently fasten externally and internally applied supplemental reinforcements.

Port Anchors and be used in combination with Cintec Anchors with can also be purchased through VoidSpan for VoidSpan projects.

Unique Features of the VoidSpan Port Anchor

  • All stainless steel construction —custom manufactured by Cintec America, LTD.
  • Application-specific designs to suit geometry, loading, grouting conditions and injection pressures and lengths according to order.
  • CINTEC sock anchors at one or both ends with bearing plates available in lieu of or in addition to the socks
  • Removable threaded rods that can be socketed into the anchors’ outer ends for direct attachment of permanent face plates, or temporary dunnage, if needed, to counter injection pressures and minimize the need for external bracing
  • Double-ended anchors where face plates or dunnage are needed on both faces of the masonry
  • Anchor-shear capacity based upon shear friction “haunch” theory, with the maximum tie capacity provided at the point of best grout compaction and centered around the anchor
  • Economical and efficient design optimized for a 3-foot-by-3-foot (or one meter square) pattern when tying and injection bonding inter-wythe collar joints using multiple lifts


Anchors are defined by series type, capacity and “A”, “B” and “C” dimensions that come from field measurements. We provide length calculation sheets with order forms, and engineering guidelines.

Open Shank Anchors

for collar joint applications that require cleaning, flushing and use of a fine flowable grout (such as VoidSpan PHLc Grout). The standard anchors provide up to 5,000 lb confinement tension and up to 3,000 lb “rolling shear” capacity (even discounting adhesion of the grout).

Open Shank Port Anchor Installation

Rod Shank Anchors

for masonry consolidation and crack bridging with micro-fine, post-tensioning duct type, or fine flowable grouts where cleaning and flushing from the anchor is not required. Our standard anchors provide up to 7,500 lb confinement tension capacity.
Our “HC”-Type anchors, by special order, can provide as much as 100,000 pound tension capacity.

Rodded Shank Port Anchor Installation

 CINTEC PRESSTEC GROUT is supplied with each anchor and must be used to fill the Cintec anchor socks. Any non-corrosive, non-metallic and ultra low-shrinkage grout, such as VoidSpan PHLc70,f can be injected through the VoidSpan anchor ports to fill the cavities and voids. Compatibility with the parent structure is critical to grout selection.

Easy to Specify

Anchors are defined by series type, capacity and “ A” , “ B” and “ C” dimensions that come from field measurements. We provide length calculation sheets with order forms, and engineering guidelines.