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100 Series PHL Mortar Binder (5 Gallons)


These ASTM C1707-compliant binders are for the creation of historically compatible mortars under ASTM C1713. Designed to be mixed by the user with local sands (and pigments, if needed), PHL is a pozzolan-lime binder. A typical mix ratio is one part binder to 2 parts sand, resulting in 28-day compressive strengths close to the desired minimum strengths of ASTM C270 Type O and Type N, respectively, with our PHL and PHLc binders.

#103: (1-20) 5 gallon pails – $123.00 each
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VoidSpan PHL is a pozzolan-lime based binder used in creating pointing and bedding mortars when mixed with sand. Designated PHL as per ASTM C1707, this material produces low to moderate strength mortars that have properties that are close to the intended minimum requirements of ASTM C270 Type K mortars.

Blend one part PHLc Mortar Binder with 2 parts sand (by volume) to create a workable, breathable low to moderate strength mortar. Sand shall meet the requirements of ASTM C144 unless otherwise modified under ASTM C1713, and pigment shall be limited to 10 percent (by weight) of the binder. Mix in accordance with ASTM C270.