400 Series PHLc70 Crack Filler (1 Quart)


This crack filler is a unique, paste-consistency product that is designed to be used as a surface filler for cracks on vertical planes. It is provided in smaller, re-sealable containers, and can be color-matched with the addition of dry pigments in the field.

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VoidSpan PHLc70 Crack Filler is a breathable, ultra-low shrinkage, fine-textured product, for use in the surface filling of cracks and minor defects in older masonry elements. Based on a pozzolanic hydraulic lime (designated “PHLc”) as per ASTM C1707, it is a low-to-moderate strength material. As the maximum particle diameter of the PHLc70 Crack Filler powder is 200 microns, it can be used to fill cracks as narrow as 0.6 mm (.024”).