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500 Series PHLc Gravity Feed Grout (5 Gallons)



This is our standard, ultra-low-shrinkage, flowable self-consolidating grout for gravity feeding of deep cracks and voids in older masonry structures.

#503: (1-20) 5 gallon pails – $142.50 each
#503: (>20) 5 gallon pails – $121.35 each – Add more then 20 in cart to apply discount
#504: 3,000 lb. Super-Sacks – Available at a bulk discount upon request – Please Call for Pricing & Shipping Details. (800) 966-8643


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Price $142.50
Price $142.50


VoidSpan PHLc Gravity Feed Grout is a breathable, ultra- low shrinkage, flowable, self consolidating grout for use in filling cracks and voids in older masonry structures. Based on a pozzolanic hydraulic lime as per ASTM C1707, it is a low-to-moderate strength adhesive, filler and mortar replacement material. Uses Include:

  • Gravity feeding of cracks and voids in mass masonry construction of 100 mm (4”) or greater in width.
  • Gravity feeding and low pressure pump filling of cracks as narrow as 6 mm (1/4”) in width.
  • Creating a pozzolan lime “concrete” for large fills by blending with VoidSpan “Extend” coarse aggregate at a ratio of 1 part grout to 1.5 parts aggregate by volume.

Each 5 gallon pail (23-kg/50-lb) of PHLc powder yields 14 liters (0.5 cubic feet) of grout when mixed with 3.8 liters (1 US gallon) of water. Pails should always be resealed if there is product remaining and stored in a dry place. Make sure to use the product within 120 days of opening.