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600 Series PHLc70 Injection Grout (5 Gallon)


This is a finer, injectable self-consolidating grout for filling narrow cracks and voids in historic masonry, and for injecting through VoidSpan Port Anchors. It can also be used as a moderate-strength adhesive for bonding stone Dutchmen and broken fragments.

#601: 1 quart containers – $65.00 each
#603: (1-20) 5 gallon pails – $171.00 each
#603: (>20) 5 gallon pails – $145.50 each – Add more then 20 in cart to apply discount
#604: 3,000 lb. Super-Sacks – Available at a bulk discount upon request – Please Call for Pricing & Shipping Details. (800) 966-8643

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Price $171.00
Price $171.00


VoidSpan PHLc70 Injection Grout is a breathable, ultra-low shrinkage, flowable, self-consolidating fine grout for use in injection and gravity filling of cracks and defects in older masonry elements as well as for structural bonding of delaminated mass masonry leaves. Based on a pozzolanic hydraulic lime “PHLc” as per ASTM C1707, it is a low-to-moderate strength adhesive, filler and fine mortar replacement material. Uses Include:

  • Gravity feeding and fine injection filling of cracks as narrow as 1.5 mm (1/16”) in width.
  • Low pressure bulk injection of cracks and voids in mass masonry construction using cavity-grouting VoidSpan Port Anchors.